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Rethink Campaign

17% of college students misuse Adderall, Ritalin, and other prescription stimulants, unaware that they are a Schedule II Controlled Substance. With the mission of inspiring peer-driven conversations to reduce normalization of this behavior, we created a website, infographics, blog posts, promoted social content, Pledge to Rethink, paid influencer video featuring Drake Bell. Using the Theory of Planned Behavior, we administered an IRB-approved survey via random cluster sample, resulting in 43 matching pre- and posttest responses (March 2020, May 2020). Although students reported similar behavioral beliefs, normative beliefs, perceived behavioral control, behavioral intention, and information seeking at the posttest and pretest, students did report less misuse (M =1.19, SD = 0.39) at the posttest than the pretest. This may be in part affected by the coronavirus pandemic displacing and disrupting student routines.


My Role: Researcher

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What Is Misuse_Updated.jpg


My Role: Researcher, Writer, + Designer

FINAL Rethink Infographic 1.png
FINAL Rethink Infographic 2.png


My Role: Writer

Final Research Report-1.png
Final Research Report-2.png
Final Research Report-3.png
Final Research Report-4.png
Final Research Report-5.png
Final Research Report-6.png
Final Research Report-7.png
Final Research Report-8.png
Final Research Report-9.png
Final Research Report-10.png
Final Research Report-11.png
Final Research Report-12.png
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