The one with her head still on (for now).

Hello there! I'm Marie, a photographer and recent advertising graduate. I am passionate, idealistically imaginative, meticulous, and fiercely nice.


I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Chapman University in May with a B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising and a B.A. in Strategic and Corporate Communication. I just say “Advertising and Communication” or I’d run out of breath!

I am looking to continue my photography business alongside a full time advertising position. I've received recommendations to narrow my focus so as to become a more marketable candidate, but I would rather keep myself open to opportunities I might not have considered if I had narrowed my sights.

For this reason, I am highly interested in rotational programs. I have experience in account/project management, media planning, photo production and editing, layout graphic design, social media marketing, and communication research, among other things.


Above all, what pulls me in such vast directions such as healthcare, entertainment, journalism, or government is a common through line: the ability to foster a lasting impact.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Collector of random knowledge. Classic movie-musical buff. Self-taught ukulele player. Plant mom. Doesn't bite but may sing uncontrollably.