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9 Iconic Locations for Graduation Portraits at California State University, Fullerton

A location guide for gorgeous graduation portraits at CSUF.

Hey Titans! Since schools are closing down again for a few weeks to escape the winter omicron surge, you may be looking to graduation for some glimmers of happiness and hope. And planning for graduation also means planning your graduation portrait session!

One advantage of booking a professional portrait photographer is that they always come prepared with a game plan. Having done a lot of portrait sessions at CSUF, I’ve explored some of the best locations that campus has to offer.

So I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of locations to serve as inspiration. Check out these 9 iconic locations listed below along with examples from past sessions and location-specific tips to help plan your shoot!


1. CSUF Overhead Sign

This sign is an iconic symbol of Cal State Fullerton and a staple in most graduation portraits. Be sure to get here earlier during the grad photo rush since it can get busy! If it’s busy, I recommend angling to the side instead of standing directly in front the sign — this will allow you to just capture yourself without photographing everyone behind you or disrupting anyone else’s photos.


2. TITANS Letters at Becker Amphitheater

Another iconic CSUF location: the silver Titans letters! Sit on one of the letters or peak your head through the middle of the letter "A" for a fun twist.


3. Walkway by Theatre

Take a few steps around the corner from the Titans letters and you've arrived at this long walkway lined with palm trees. If the fateful day arrives for your graduation portraits and the sun is playing peak-a-boo, no fear! Golden hour receives all the admiration, but overcast skies create a soft, diffused light source that flatters every subject.


4. CSUF Seal

At the end of the previous walkway on the side of the Nutwood parking structure is a Cal State Fullerton seal. This location can sometimes be tricky lighting-wise. If you need to avoid any harsh unflattering light falling on your face here during the afternoon hours, slightly angle yourself away from the sun so that your face is in complete shadow. Or, find a rogue palm tree and stand in its shade! I usually try to avoid having to use my reflector to fill any unwanted shadows, but sometimes a location requires it.

This is why I always recommend bringing a friend to your graduation portrait session because not only can they help carry your extra grad gear, props, or outfits, but they can also — if willing — angle a reflector to make you look your best!


5. The Fountain in Front of the Admissions Office

Another iconic location for some fun photos. Pro tip: save this spot for the end of your grad session if you plan on taking a dip! And don’t forget to bring a towel — walking in heels with slippery feet is no easy feat.


6. CSUF Sign in Front of the Admissions Office

Just a few feet from the fountain is this spot — hop onto the sign or lean on it for a fun twist!


7. Titans Signs with Fountains

These fountains make for another great graduation portrait! They’re located at several spots around campus — the below being right outside of Starbucks.


8. Business School

Even if you weren't a business major, I highly recommend this spot for some professional headshots or a chance to toss your cap.


9. Purple Flowers and Trees (by Theatre Walkway)

There are plenty of gorgeous blooming flowers, trees, and whatnot around campus that make for a great backdrop — the purple flowering trees below are next to the theatre.


10. BONUS Major-Specific Locations

Apart from the general locations above, I highly recommend leaving time during your session to include your study-specific locations.


Book your graduation portrait session today!

Now that you have a better idea of all the awesome locations at Cal State Fullerton, are you ready to book your portrait session? Consider booking with Marie Tobias Photography! I have shot numerous sessions at CSUF, leading to knowledge and expertise beyond simply knowing the best spots on campus.

Click here to book your graduation portrait session today.

Click here for what to wear, what's included, and more (I even have props like confetti, sparklers, and color smoke bombs for some added excitement).



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